Primal Roots

An outdoor fitness bootcamp that sticks it to the gym, harnessing the power of nature to unleash potential for both body and mind as a tool for recovery.

Transform Awards 2018 – Gold for Best Visual Identity for a Charity, NGO or Not for Profit
Transform Awards 2018 – Silver for Best Creative Development of a New Brand

Health and fitness
Social Enterprise

Brand and identity
Campaign development
Website design


A brand built on animal instinct

Primal Roots is a woodlands based fitness and wellbeing bootcamp rooted in a pursuit for both external and internal strength, endurance and natural movement. Working closely with homeless charities and local authorities they offer fitness services and training to help the recovery of those who would otherwise not have access to services.

The team approached Lantern to name, brand and position the social enterprise, providing strategic insight to help promote their holistic approach to everyone from local authorities and healthcare commissioners to the general public. Following the creation of the name Primal Roots, which captures the powerful and organic nature of the workouts, we went on to design a full brand system for the business.

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Sticking it to the gym

The identity was developed to reflect a drive and animal instinct, present in all of us, when interacting and connecting with the natural world. Two sticks positioned as deer antlers, create a mark synonymous with wild woodland. 

Tone of voice and photography challenges conventional gyms by drawing parallels between the cliches of indoor fitness with what can be found outdoors in the woods. Raw typography and strong headlines paired with calm shots of nature creates an attitude all about sticking it to the gym.


It was important for the branding to communicate to a number of audiences. From fitness fanatics and the general public to charities and local authorities –  various headlines focus on different benefits of Primal Roots' workouts. This was applied to a range of promotional materials; flyers, brochures and banners.

As well as a website, the flexible brand system was rolled out across social media posts, workout apparel and other marketing material that can be now be found running through British woodlands.


Brand impact

“We were really impressed with the work Lantern had done for other socially conscious brands, so we knew it was important to get them in from the start. They didn’t disappoint and we’ve literally hit the ground running with an identity and attitude that captures our true spirit.”

Steve Denby, Head Coach and Co-Founder


Video by SuperReel

A natural partnership

The new brand has been unified in a comprehensive and easy to use guidelines document to ensure clarity and consistency on all future applications. Lantern continues to work closely with and support Primal Roots as they grow and expand. 


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